The hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham

Anyone watching the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings couldn’t have missed Senator Lindsey Graham’s big moment. Suddenly finding his voice, after abdicating it earlier, Sen. Graham put on his best snarl and accused Democrats of a power-grabbing “unethical sham.” It was a powerful speech: searing, self-righteous — and utterly hypocritical.

If there was a sham, it was Republicans admitting last week that they would “plow” through Kavanaugh’s confirmation regardless of what Dr. Ford might reveal. If there was a power grab, it was Republicans, including Sen. Graham, refusing to give Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland even a single hearing for almost a year. And please, someone remind Sen. Graham that it was Democrats, not Republicans, who recently forced the resignation of one of their own senators (who had sat on the Judiciary Committee, no less) after he was accused of groping a sleeping woman.

There was a time when Sen. Graham was a reliable member of those bipartisan gangs of eight and twelve. There was a time when he believed a Supreme Court nominee should be confirmed by at least sixty senators. There was a time when he believed Donald Trump’s genital-grabbing made him unfit for office. There was even a time — last year — when he co-sponsored a bill to fight sexual harassment.

That Sen. Graham is gone. But he’s too busy casting stones to know it.

Millennial & bi in Portland, Maine. Thinking about politics & believing in justice. @CharlesSkold

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